How To Fix Our Radio Player

Yes, our radio player is not currently working on the Chrome browser. There were changes made in the last Chrome update that broke it. The good news: You can fix it! Here's how:

1. Click the player on our website. When the pop-up player comes up, look for the little padlock at the upper left corner of the window. Click it.

2. On the little window that opens, click on "Site Settings."

3. This opens a new tab in Chrome. Scroll down to "Insecure Content." Change the setting from "Block (Default)" to "Allow."

4. Close the pop-up player, refresh the GrooveTunes website, then click the player on our website. This time, when the pop-up player comes up, it should play when you click play.

This should fix the problem. If not, contact me at We appreciate your patience!