The GrooveTunes App Is Going Away

Rotten news to share... As of May 15, the GrooveTunes App will be no more. Our app partner has raised the price of providing and maintaining our app, and, being that we make zero money here, we will no longer be able to afford it. My understanding is that not only will the app no longer be available for download in the online stores, but existing downloads will cease to work on May 15. We are very sorry for this inconvenience.

THE GOOD NEWS: The station can still be heard on many online radio apps... These include:
  • Online Radio Box
  • Simple Radio
  • myTuner Radio
  • TuneIn
Download any of these from the App Store or Google Play to continue to enjoy GrooveTunes on the go! You will have to search for "GrooveTunes" once the app is downloaded.  

We will continue to pursue our options for creating a new GrooveTunes app. Until then, please enjoy us one of the apps listed above.

Thank you so much!